Harry’s Ladies 2

Harry nodded well i would like to have Griphook and Reaver working on my accounts please. The goblin looked stund, to request a goblin by name was astounding but trusting a teller with your money was underd of. The Goblin wisperd into another ear then userd them into a conference room. Reaver and Griphook entered with stuned looks on their faces both thanked Harry for the oppertunity. “Now that we have all of this all sorted out how much do you think that buying the daily prophet would cost? Harry asked. Both goblins conversed wett Lord Potter you already own 20% of it Lord Black owns 25% and a a few people own little percntages but the controling intrest is in the hands of the Ministery at 51% and they wont be giving up soon Harry nodded well i have another idea i would like you to buy the nessicary materials to run a paper the printing press ink cameras the works I also need about thirty educated house-elfs to run it seeing they will be the reporters and workers i will personaly cast the fedailius charm with Hermione as secret keeper. The goblins converced and said the cheapest way to do this the muggal way it will cost 150,000 galleons for all of that plus the primisus. And the muggal technology will work because of a charm we recantly invented. Harry nodded and said do it and the goblin nation gets 20% of the Phoenix Chronicals. the goblins thanked him. While i a here could you do a inheratance test on Ginny please. The Goblin nodded and Griphook rushed out to get the bowl the came back a few minutes later a few drops of blood later they had the paper and it read ___________________________________________________________________________________ GINNIVERA POTTER nee WEASLEY Heirus to house Prewitt Herius to House Le Fay 2 Heirus to House Pendragon 3 ___________________________________________________________________________________ They goblins looked stunded and said Well you mother controls the Prewitts but the Le Fay headship can only be given to a seventh daughter and you fall into that category. Ginny nodded. Here are your head of house rings and yours Lord Potter. Oh Griphook i want to invest three hunderd thousand pounds in Microsoft, Sony,andNintendo the goblins nodded .Harry thanked the goblins and said well we should be heading off now nice to see you again Reaver, Griphook. Harry led his group to the wandshop in knockturn ally which the Profesors tried to stear him away from. Harry knocked and enterd the wandmakers shop. The aged man stood smiling behind the counter he opend his cases and said I have been expecting you Young Lord ah and the Young Lady well letts get this show on the road as muggals say…… an Hour later Daphne had a new Vine and Elm wand with cores ofKelpie hair powderd Grim bones suspended in unicorn blood freely given a true wand of power but not like the death stick. Gabi had a Mohogany and Elder combo with Veela and unicorn hair suspended in dementors blood a well rounded wand. Luna had a Cherry and Vine combo with Heliopath heartstring crushed snortkack horn and gnome sliva courius combonation all creacher considerd mythical by the wizerding world in a wand. Padma and Pavarti had wand of Maple thw cores only slightly differed while Pavarti had unicorn hair suspended in gryfens blood Padma had sphinx blood and unicorn hair. Tracy choose chesnut and cottenwood with crushed Basilisk fand dementor cloak thred suspended in her own blood. Harry even bought Hagrid a new wand He settled for oak like his old wand but with pegasus feathers wraped in unicorn tail hair suspended in cerbus blood the other opted out on a new wand Harry paid the man and said send them to us when finished oh and could you make wand houslers from basilisk hide? The wand maker looked shocked and said well if you can get workable pices es i can. Harry nodded then pulled out his trunk unshrunk it then and extracted a few feet of hide and handed it to the man. He thanked Harry then said you know if you have any fangs Goblins shap them into swords if their long enough, they would pay premum for good ones. They also make fine wands. Harry thanked the man and stored the information for later use. Back at Hogwarts Harry thanked the Professors then made his way to his rooms entering then Harry turned to Padma and Pavarti Harry led them to his bedroom and showed them the singed contract Padma jumped in his arms kissing him. HArry led her to the bed and striped her of clothing. The other ladies then striped Harry of his. Padma kissed Harry again while Hermione posistend his organ at her entrance. Harry thrust in ripping her hymn and stoped for a second. Padma waited then started thursting herself onto Harry cock. this continued for a few minutes until Harry and Padma came grunting ans screaming. As soon as he withdrew he summond all the blood and stored it in his phial. Pavarti jumped up and walked over to Harry sank to her knees and started sucking his cock. Harry moand as he felt himself rising again. when he was at full mast Pavarti spred her legs. Harry decided to return the favor and started eating her pussy out. the girl suqeled and traped his head until herry brought her to a orgasem. Harry looked up and said ” We dont have to have sex if you dont want to. Pavarti shook her head the summend a phial the downed a potion inside. I always promised Padma we would get pregnat at the same time. Harry nodded and enterd her. Well he grunted we will just have to make triple sure, with that Pavarti smiled. Over the next few days Harry collected Blood from Narcissa, Naville collected Bellas, Harry also collected Poppy’s along with it and Naville collected Professor Sprouts seeing as how both were virgins again, and how beautiful they both were. End fo flash back Harry looked at the list and saw that Poppy Pomfrey had been added to it he sighed he knew he should heve checked it now he had to tell her, but al least they had already shaged. Harry thought. Harry decided to find Alexia Smith the next morning. HArry asked Professor Sprout if the girl was in her house the women nodded and pointed to a lovly looking sixth year with double d breast and a ass to die for. Harry made his way to her ans asked to speek with her privatly. The girl nodded and followed. In a unsued classroom Harry explained the clause to her and what would happen to them both if they did not go through with it. The girl looked uncirtin till Ginny brought back Madam Ponfrey and Professor Dumbledore. they both explain the same thing to her. Have you been getting tired more easly latley?Poppy asked. They girl nodded. Have you felt a slight pull coming from Mr.Potter? Albus asked. The girl nodded then you are affected by the clause. The Girl looked alittle heasitent then said well just contact the haed of my family the see what he says first Lord Potter. Harry nodds and says ” I will send the letter tonight. Two days later Hedwig arrived with a thick envolope Harry notices that it is the conrtact he reads over it but decides to take it to Alnus to go over. After dinner Harry was summond to Albused office and on the way there sabra slytherd up his leg and on to his arm which she wraped around. Blood Pops Harry said to the gargoyle shacking his head. Albus was sitting behind his desk shacking his head apperantly at the contract.Ah Harry i was just reading this nasty contract. The oldman shook his head again glaring down at the parchment. There are several obscure clauses he snuck in here two would have had you turning over all seats in the wizengamont to him as well as all assests of monatary value ans even you first three childern by evry witch you have kids with. Harry was seeing red by the time Albus was done. What are my options in this Albus. Well Harry you can counter offer with a new contract, forget about it or dual him. Harry nodded and left. He collected Ginny and Hermione and Tonks the transformedinto his shodow phoenix form then fire-slid in front of Gringotts. Harry got Griphook to make up a new simple contract with Hary giving a substantual bride-price and only taking the minimul dowery. Harry then wrote a letter to the man telling him about the Potter end of the line clause and it’s effects and implored him to think of his daughter. Harry transformed into his shadow phoenix and flame slid to the head of house Smith’s location. Harry appered in Liam’s Odds and Ends in Diagon. Harry imeadatly spotted this target and flew to the man. Harry droped the contract form his beak into the middle aged mans hand. The ead of Smith looks stund the accepeted the letter and contract smirking thinking the Floolish crazy Potter welp had singed the contract. His face contorted into a sneer when he unrolled the contract and saw that it was a counter offer. He ripped open the letter and read the explaination. Well if the moron Potter wont take her I will just sell her to Flint Smith mused allowed . Harry shreaked then Fire-slid into a deserted ally out side then resumed his human form. Harry waited outside till the man walked outside Smith I challenge you to a Wizard’s Dual for attempting line theaft. The head of house looked stuned then smiled Potter now why would i accept the dual for a deranged child? Well if you do not I get a debt form you to be paid in the form of Alexia Smith. The man nodded then said if i win what do you have that i want Harry smiled and said about a billion in galleons. The man nodded and said I accept but the traditional rules apply. Harry nodded and said Gringotts in a hour. Harry looked across the platform. Smith was decked out in a dragon hide vest with a dagger on his side. Harry was wearing full light weight Hungarian Horntail aromer with the sword of Gryfendor straped on his back and a dagger in a sheath straped to his leg. Harry decided to use his Holly wand to start but kept his custem wand at the ready. Amelia Bones with all the higher ups in the ministery were there Fudge looked like Christmas had come early. He believed that Harry was rubish form his marks that he had been gettin gat the begainingof the yearin DADA. Rules Amelia asked? None Harry reapeted anything goes. She nodded Ok hat are the stipulations? Smith lets me Marry Alexia Smith and his house becomes subservent to the house of Ravenclaw. Smith went red faced and said Potter turns over all assest’s to me everything he owns. Harry nodded. Ok Bow now Dual. Harry started out with a triping jinx and then followed up with a stuner. Smith erected a shiled and let the inpact on it. Harry doged his retalitory strike Harry then fired off a disarming jinx. with smith shilded again Harry decided to stop toying with then Man. He then unleashed a barrage of chain speals stuners mixed in with percing hexes bludgeners stuners and of course he used a liberal amount of disarmers when it was over smith was painting from exaustion having expelled to much energy shilding. AVADA KEDAVERA he bellowed thinking it was his only option Harry daged and steped right into a disarming jinx his Holly wand flew out of his hand Smith smiled triuptaly thinking th boy was defeated Harry pulled out his dagger and hurled it at the man who shilded again. The dagger flew right through the shiled and THUNK struck his leg. Harry smiled and drew the sword of Gryfendor. The Goblins mutterd at this Harry then flicked his custem want out Jeffery Smith looked like he could chew nails AVADA KEDAVERA he screamed again thinking Harry was too close to doge And he was right the spell struck the sword of Gryfendor which absorbed the spell but was blowen out of Harry’s hand it sailed, riped through the wards and sunk hilt deep into Marcus Flint and pirced Lucius Malfoys skin. Harry Disarmed the exausted Smith and bounded him in ropes the summed the dagger he work. Potter Wins Amileia Declaired. At this time Lucius was screaming in pain foming at the mouth yelling for a med team Harry looked and saw the Lord of house Malfoy draw his last breath. The newaly revived Smith begrudagnly swore to always subsurve the Ravenclaw line. Harry nodded and withdrew the bride price and said you treated me unfair but two wrongs don make a right and left fifteen thousand galleons at the shocked mans feet then retreaved the sword of Grayfendor. At the exit he was stoped by Griphook. Lord Potter Lord Ragnookwould like to see you. Harry nodded and walked to the head of Gringotts office. 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